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5 Smile Flaws Easily Fixed With Dental Veneers

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You might think that dental veneers are a choice that only movie stars and models make to smooth over their dental issues. In reality, however, dentists like Dr. Pham have been using veneers to fix many types of smile flaws for many people for years. From large to small, superficial to severe, dental veneers can easily handle a number of smile problems, giving you the benefit of getting your happy, winning grin back, as well as your confidence.

Here are five smile flaws easily fixed with dental veneers:

1. Veneers can fix discolored teeth

Did you know this? Veneers aren’t just for severe smile issues; they’re useful for more cosmetic flaws, too, such as discoloration of your teeth. Veneers are a much easier and more effective solution than buying a home teeth whitening kit. They can fix discoloration from a variety of sources, including root canals, tetracycline stains, overuse of fluoride, or resin fillings.

2. Veneers can fix gaps between your teeth

If you have large gaps between your teeth, you probably feel self-conscious when you smile. While some people might embrace their gaps, not everyone can or wants to. Veneers can fill these gaps without moving your actual teeth. What’s more, you’ll find it much easier to eat things that could get stuck between your teeth, like steak and salad, when you have your new veneers.

3. Veneers can fix chipped or broken teeth

Any of these issues can make it hard to smile, especially if you know a broken, chipped, or otherwise damaged tooth is front and center for everyone to see. Veneers can cover the cracks or chips in otherwise healthy teeth. In fact, even teeth that aren’t broken but have been worn down over the years can be brought back to a healthy-looking state with the use of veneers.

4. Veneers can fix small teeth

Do you feel like your teeth are just too small? If you do, this might cause self-esteem issues, especially when your smile is too gummy because your teeth are small or don’t meet properly because of their size. Veneers can help with this, too. The concept here is similar to when veneers are used to repair worn-down teeth. You’ll now have a smile as big and bright as you’ve always wanted it to be!

5. Veneers can fix crooked teeth

Did you think it was possible? The truth is that veneers are a great option for fixing crooked teeth, especially if you’re way past the point where you want to deal with braces. Veneers can allow you to have the look of a straighter smile without the pain and difficulty of moving your teeth around with major orthodontic work.

Want to know more about veneers?

Many people have no idea how many smile flaws veneers can easily fix. Why not make your first appointment to speak with Dr. Pham and find out if veneers might be the simple, effective choice for you? Call 210-538-7500 to book your appointment at our San Antonio office today.

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