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Renew Your Smile With Cosmetic Dental Veneers

Your smile is important to you, but although you do your best to keep it healthy you may still struggle with smile imperfections that keep it from looking its best. Your dentist offers a variety of dental procedures that can improve your smile, but dental veneers represent a less invasive alternative that can provide a full smile makeover. Learn about the ways that veneers can renew your smile by contacting Dr. Christian Pham of Crownridge Dental and Orthodontics in San Antonio, TX.

Are Veneers For Me?

Teeth that are extensively damaged due to decay or trauma are typically better treated with a dental crown. Just as wider gaps in your smile and excessive wear may require orthodontic intervention in order to address the underlying problem. Dental veneers are usually best suited for otherwise healthy teeth that suffer from imperfections.

What Veneers Can Do

Though there are times when a dental crown may be the preferred treatment, veneers offer their own set of benefits. Veneers don't require as much of your tooth structure to be removed as crowns do. The imperfections they can address include slight gaps, wear, small chips, and cracks.

Caring For Them

Caring for your dental veneers does not require a radical change to your dental hygiene, but it does mean doing away with all the bad dental habits that threaten not just your new veneers but also your natural teeth. Habits such as using your teeth as tools, nail-biting, and chewing on things like plastic straws or ice. Avoiding very hard foods altogether is a good strategy to prevent accidents.

Cosmetic Dental Veneers in San Antonio, TX

Dental veneers can transform the way you look, so to find out if you are a candidate for the procedure schedule a consultation today with Dr. Pham of Crownridge Dental and Orthodontics in San Antonio, TX, by dialing (210) 538-7500.

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