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What to do About Uncomfortable Invisalign Aligners

May 3, 2024

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patient holding clear aligner

Invisalign has become a popular choice for teeth straightening, having treated over 2.4 million patients since 1997, with 80,000 oral health specialists worldwide trained in its use. Like any orthodontic appliance, Invisalign can initially cause discomfort as you adapt to wearing it. Here are effective strategies to ease this discomfort and enhance your journey towards achieving a more pleasant smile.


How to Prevent Clear Aligners from Turning Yellow

April 26, 2024

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Aligners in an open handClear aligners are a popular choice to fix bite and alignment problems because they are virtually invisible. You don’t have to worry about the appearance or restrictions of brackets and wires. Aligners are worn over your teeth to move them in small increments. This provides a discreet and comfortable method to straighten your smile. However, your aligners may turn yellow if you’re not caring for them correctly. Here’s how you can ensure your aligners stay discreet.


Clear Aligners and Bruxism: What You Need to Know

March 15, 2024

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Patient with bruxism putting on their clear aligners

If you’re considering clear aligners to straighten your teeth, there are very few obstacles in your way. Orthodontic systems like Candid work well for just about everyone. But what if you grind your teeth? Will a condition like bruxism prevent you from going through clear aligner treatment? Read on to learn more about clear aligners and whether grinding your teeth is a deal-breaker.


Is Facial Swelling a Dental Emergency?

February 15, 2024

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Woman with facial swelling

When you have a dental issue, the first person that you call is your dentist. However, sometimes it can be difficult to determine if an issue is an emergency. Should you wait a few days to see if things improve, or should you contact them right away? One situation that definitely warrants an emergency visit is if you have facial swelling. Continue reading to learn about some of the causes and how your dentist can help.


Will a Chipped Tooth Heal on Its Own?

January 5, 2024

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person with chipped tooth covering mouth

Breaking a tooth can happen for different reasons, like biting into something hard or accidents during sports. Aside from affecting how your smile looks and how confident you feel, broken teeth can cause oral health problems. While your body can sometimes fix itself, you might wonder if a broken tooth can heal on its own without needing to see a dentist right away. Keep reading to learn more.


My Veneer Fell Off! What Should I Do Now?

December 13, 2023

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Woman has frightened expression

Veneers have allowed millions of people to transform their smiles into more ideal states by covering up extensive cracks, chips, stains, and gaps or even teeth that are misshapen. While veneers are made out of durable materials that can last for decades, they can still fall off of teeth from time to time, which requires a dentist’s attention for repairs. Here are a few reasons why that may happen as well as what you should do if this happens for you.


4 Interesting Facts Everyone Should Know About Veneers

November 3, 2023

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a closeup of a patient receiving veneers

A bright and flawless smile is often considered a symbol of both great confidence and optimal oral health. That said, more and more people these days are opting for cosmetic dentistry to unlock their grin’s fullest potential and achieve all sorts of benefits! And of all the available cosmetic services offered by your dentist, few are as impressive as veneers. Continue reading below to learn a little more about veneers and what they’re capable of doing for your pearly whites!


Reasons to Consider Getting Veneers

October 9, 2023

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Close up of woman’s teeth with veneersIf you’re embarrassed by the way your teeth look, or you’re ready to enhance your professional image, dental veneers can revamp your pearly whites. You won’t require extensive dental work to achieve a picture-perfect smile. You can have flawless results using a minimally invasive method. Here are 5 benefits of investing in veneers. 


What Factors Affect the Cost of Dental Implants?

September 3, 2023

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a closeup of a model of dental implants

In the realm of modern dentistry, dental implants have emerged as a revolutionary solution for those seeking to restore their smiles and regain their confidence! However, the decision to embark on the dental implant journey is often accompanied by one large concern: “How much is this going to cost me?” That said, understanding the various factors that contribute to the cost of dental implants will help you to make an informed decision if you’re thinking about restoring your smile. Keep reading to learn more from your dentist about some of the cost factors of this life-changing treatment.


Can Dental Implants Rust Over Time?

August 18, 2023

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A 3D illustration of a dental implant

Maybe you already know that dental implants are made of metal. After all, that makeup is why they work so well – the titanium material lets them fuse with your jawbone. Given this fact, though, you may wonder: Do dental implants ever rust? Many metals corrode over time, so it’s natural to assume these prosthetics will also. However, the truth is that implants seldom rust; their features make them corrosion-resistant. To learn more, here’s a summary of the matter from your San Antonio dentist.

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