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DIOnavi Implant System Specialist

Crownridge Dental

Christian A. Pham, DMD

Dentist located in San Antonio, TX

DIOnavi Implant System

About minimal incision surgery If you imagine keyhole surgery, then the DIO digital navigation implant system does exactly that, but for your teeth!

With traditional implants, the current practice is as follows:

• Open up the flaps of the gums

• Drill down into the bone

• Insert the implant and stitch up the flaps.

Then some months later…

• The flaps are opened again

• The implant is exposed and…

• The abutment is attached.

This can mean a slow recovery and a greater risk of bleeding, swelling, and infection.

Alternatively, with the DIO navi system, small holes are drilled through the gum and into the bone. using computerised surgical guides. These take into account the safest positioning for both implant depth and trajectory. Your DIO implants are then inserted exactly into the holes, meaning:

• No sutures

• Little or no bleeding and

• Less risk of infection.

 • Shorter recovery time

As a result, DIO navi implants are suitable for many patients with diabetes or high blood pressure or indeed those people with systemic (organ or tissue) disease. What’s more, DIO implant surgery takes on average 15-20 minutes for a single tooth implant and, depending on patient condition, they could also benefit from immediate abutment/crown placement – otherwise known as immediate loading.

Easy, simple, and effective, the DIO implant navigation system utilising a flapless surgery technique has revolutionised the way we think about modern teeth replacement methods.