What Factors Affect the Cost of Dental Implants?

September 3, 2023

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In the realm of modern dentistry, dental implants have emerged as a revolutionary solution for those seeking to restore their smiles and regain their confidence! However, the decision to embark on the dental implant journey is often accompanied by one large concern: “How much is this going to cost me?” That said, understanding the various factors that contribute to the cost of dental implants will help you to make an informed decision if you’re thinking about restoring your smile. Keep reading to learn more from your dentist about some of the cost factors of this life-changing treatment.

#1. The Number of Implants

The number of dental implants needed directly correlates with the overall cost of the procedure. Whether you require a single implant to replace one missing tooth, or multiple to support a full-arch restoration, the quantity of implants plays a pivotal role in estimating the expenses involved. More implants mean additional materials are needed, surgery time is increased, and a little more expertise is needed on your dentist’s part.

#2. The Materials Used

Dental implants need to be made of biocompatible materials so that they will integrate with the jawbone without creating an allergic reaction or being rejected by the body. This is why they’re typically made from materials like titanium or zirconia, and this plays into their cost. Titanium alloys are used due to their durability, while zirconia has seen a recent increase in popularity due to its aesthetic benefits; however, they tend to be slightly more expensive.

#3. Preparatory Procedures

In some cases, a patient might desire dental implants, but their mouth isn’t quite healthy enough to host them. For example, if your jawbone is too weak or insufficient to support a dental implant, you might need a supplemental bone graft beforehand. This bone graft requires an additional surgery during which donated bone tissue is applied to existing bone, to reinforce it. Sinus lifts function similarly, and are often performed on patients receiving dental implants in the upper jaw. And if a patient’s gum tissue isn’t healthy due to periodontal disease, it’ll need to be addressed before the implant process can begin. All of these preparatory procedures ultimately tag on additional costs—nonetheless, they’re all essential to the success of the implants.

Of course, these aren’t the only three things that determine the cost of dental implants, though they are the main contributors. Your dentist is happy to discuss other factors that contribute to what you can expect to pay to rebuild your smile. That said, know that no matter the cost, it’s going to be in your best interest to seek out this treatment option; the numerous benefits of dental implants are just too great to pass up!

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