Preventative Dentistry

If you think you may have a dental problem that requires specialized diagnostic equipment, it may be in your best interests to see an X-rays dentist. At the office of Dr. Christian Pham DMD, we have the training and skills to take X-rays of your jaw and mouth in order to shed light on any underlying issues that may be in need of treatment. We're conveniently located in San Antonio, TX.

QUALITY PREVENTIVE CARE We pride ourselves on selecting top-notch equipment that allows us to obtain clear and accurate images for diagnostic purposes. We'll be sure to take no more X-rays than necessary in order to protect you from any unnecessary exposure to radiation.

When you're hoping to work with an X-rays dentist in the San Antonio, TX area, the practice of Dr. Christian Pham DMD is at your service. Contact us today, and we'll do what we can to spot any problems that might be present so that we can get started on addressing them before they get out of hand.

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